School of Biblical Christian Worldview

The Good News of Jesus Christ is much more than personal salvation and is relevant in all areas of society. This school aims to bring a vision of the Kingdom of God through the influence and impact that Christ brings to society. Not only about individual salvation, but a profound and transformative impact in all areas (Family, Church, Education, Arts, Sports, Communication, Health, Business, and Government). You will learn to see the world through the eyes of God and, from there, understand what He wants to do through you where you live and meet the challenges of the 21st century by applying a Bible-centered Christian Worldview.

Do you know what you believe in and why you believe it? Are you able to explain your beliefs to others?

We will take a historical look at the prevailing philosophies and ideologies that lie beneath the social and political issues of present-day societies. To encourage students to become responsible Christians in society and to exercise positive influence wherever they work and serve. Students delve into topics such as the meaning and components of a worldview and learn how to apply biblical Christian thinking to contemporary issues. Our goal is that you learn to think biblically because biblical thinking will allow us to produce changes in different areas of society. All of these areas are deeply influenced by humanistic, scientific, and philosophical thinking, which must be reinterpreted in the light of the biblical Christian worldview so that concrete actions can be taken to transform these areas of influence.

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