Youth with a mission


YWAM Philadelphia is located at New Covenant Campus. A former School and College with many castles like buildings, parks and more. Located right at the edge of Mount Airy and Chestnut Hill, two of the most prestigious areas of Philadelphia, ranked in the top 10 safest neighborhoods in Pennsylvania. Right at Germantown Ave, with its many restaurants, and shops of all kinds; about 25 minutes from the Philadelphia Airport and 15 minutes from downtown Philly. It is a perfect place to learn from God in a peaceful environment.

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YWAM is an international movement of Christians from many denominations dedicated to presenting Jesus personally to this generation.

Our goal is mobilizing as many as possible to help this task, and to the training and equipping of the believers for their part in fulfilling the Great Commission

Evangelism, mercy ministries and training are the 3  thrusts of our mission. Training is accomplished through YWAM’s University of the Nations, an international university that equips staff and students to connect to God’s purposes in their fields of ministry and study.


These seven spheres of influence will help us to form the nations for Christ. They are tools for us to use in the fulfillment of Matthew 28: to disciple the nations and extend the kingdom of Christ throughout the earth.

So, how do we get back those seven spheres that are so influential in any society?

Whatever sphere of influence God gives us like the family or even the presidential palace, we must experience His will for our lives. We should not do so in order to dominate others, but to be servants in the same way as Jesus. Jesus wants to administer the world through us. As we follow the example of Jesus in our spheres of influence, we bring His Kingdom to the earth.

Through families, we are discipling the next generation, for better or for worse. We can have Christian homes following biblical standards.

Jesus commanded his disciples to disciple the nations. We do this not by being inside churches, but by going out into the world. The church is where we receive food so that we can carry the kingdom of God across the land.

The next generation is influenced daily in our schools and universities. Christians should be involved in writing curricula, teaching, administering, and participating in parent-teacher associations and school board members.

Whatever territory we abandon, satan fills it. This is what has happened to the entertainment world. Modern drama was born as a form of evangelism; medieval performing was about morality by teaching writing to an audience that could not read. We must recapture each form of entertainment for Jesus, seeking him to give us creative ways to show to the world the author of drama, spectacle, beauty, color, life, emotion, and joy.

Journalists are seen as self-serving servants and manipulators. But still, electronic and print media are crucial in shaping society. We need Christians to bring truth into this sphere.

The Bible is clear: God’s people must become involved in politics. Think of the leaders of the nation chosen by God, such as David, Solomon, and those who ruled in heathen countries like Daniel and Joseph. Young people who exercise pious principles and eventually became first ministers. If God raised up godly leaders in ancient Egypt and Babylon, he can do so today. But if Christians want to serve in government, they will have to face a modern lion den. God will use this to purify them and build their character, to produce their style of leaders: servant leaders.

Jesus knew that it was difficult to serve God when we were blessed materially. But God wants His people to be successful in the business world and to be missionaries there. The problem is not money, but whether it is more important to us than God (see Luke 18: 18-25). God will test us on this, and you can ask Him to give us all we have. Likewise, we need Christians called to science and technology as their mission fields. Never before a society can do so many technological miracles and still be so uncertain of its moral bonds.