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When Far Cry 2 was released in , after being developed by Ubisoft Montreal, it was a game changer for the series and set the tone for games to come. You play the role of a mercenary who was deployed in a fictional East African country, with the objective of killing an arms dealer by the name of the Jackal. You will need to unlock new weapons, do missions for various factions, and explore the open world to get the location of the Jackal, all the while battling malaria.

If you are looking for an open world shooter to run on a low-end PC, this would probably be your best choice. Soldier of Fortune, published by Activision in , and developed by Raven Software, is best described by its stylistic display of violence. You play as John Mullins, and have been tasked with preventing nukes from reaching the hands of terrorists.

Extreme force has been authorized, and you can take full advantage of this by separating enemies from their limbs; in many different ways depending on which body part you shoot at. The game is famous for its violence and gore, although you can turn that off Even though many comparisons have been made between the two games, they are vastly different.

Paladins was released in by Hi-Rez, and was developed by Evil Mojo, and quickly became popular. The easiest way to think of Paladins would be League of Legends with guns. The game features a roster of 46 different champions which all have different playstyles, and MOBA elements such as building a loadout of cards that buff skills or abilities. There are also 3 game modes to choose from; Onslaught, Siege, and Team Deathmatch.

You may or may not have heard of this game, but 1 billion registered players have. You read that correctly; Crossfire is actually the most played FPS game in the world, according to the developer Smilegate.

The game features 8 different weapon categories and has over weapons to choose from. There are also more than different maps and modes, as well as around 6 million users playing at any given time, meaning you will never have to wait long to find a server.

If you are using a relatively old computer or laptop, this game will run without any problems since it was designed for low-end PCs. R, or otherwise known as First Encounter Assault Recon. Games, and was developed by Monolith Productions. You play as Point Man, a member of a special forces team that is tasked with containing a supernatural threat.

The game blends action, suspense, tension, jump scares and superb gunplay in one cohesive package that makes you feel as if you are the main character in an action movie. Enemies are smart and will hide behind cover, or coordinate as a team to flank you, so at no point should you feel entirely safe.

One of the most fun games to be released in the last 20 years is Team Fortress 2, developed and published by Valve Corporation in , the game now has a userbase of around 50 million players. You will instantly be hooked to the fast gameplay, great humor and quirky characters, as well as the hours of endless fun community maps provide. There are over different weapons to choose from, as well as characters that can be customized to your hearts content.

As far as a F2P title goes, this game does everything you would expect and is quite polished. There are a variety of different game modes to choose from, such as Secure Point, Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, among many more. If you have seen gameplay, then you might have realized it gets a lot of inspiration from popular FPS games like Call of Duty and Counter-Strike.

If you are looking for an FPS game that will provide hours of play, Combat Arms will deliver, and has many game modes to choose from. It was one of the most influential FPS games of the era. As William “B. Enemies that need to be defeated include creatures, zombies and ordinary soldiers. Half-Life 1 was published in by Sierra Studios, and developed by Valve. The thing that really set this FPS gem apart from other games at the time was the fact that it had a narrative, and the player was able witness scripted events as they happened, rather than through a cinematic cutscene.

You will take control of Gordon Freeman, a theoretical physicist, and fight your way through a facility to close a portal to another dimension that was opened. Skip to main content. Level up. Earn rewards. Your XP: 0. Updated: 23 Dec pm. BY: Joshua Da Costa. More on this topic: fps games.

From the hills in Verdansk, to the arid desert of Carja Sundom, my mission is to walk all the lands that gaming has to offer. Gamer Since: Firefight in F. Fight against intelligent AI that communicates. Log in or register to post comments. More Top Stories. Gun-Slinging Reaches a Whole New Level in These Awesome Shooters With so many First-Person Shooter games out there on the market clamouring for your attention, it can feel like knowing which ones to pick up off the shelf is a mission in and of itself.

So, which FPS games are the most popular? Time to search for all the best first-person shooters coming out. There are many first person shooters that are planned for release in the near future. In fact, there are so many that it can be hard to Battlefield 5 classes have finally been ranked. Discover the best class that Battlefield 5 has to offer. Here is a list of the best classes that consist in the war field of battlefield 5.

We have ranked them ranging from best to least useful So, what were the best FPS games released in ? I think most gamers can agree that first-person shooters offer the most competitive and exciting experiences in gameplay history. There are a lot of FPS games out there that have a There is no denying that one of the most satisfying feelings in the world is landing a headshot at over m away. Or sliding into a room and getting a triple kill, all before reloading your gun.

One undeniable and irrefutable fact is that FPS games are the most fun genre in gaming. So, it makes sense that you have landed on this page in search of the most violent FPS games But sometimes, that can get a One of the many reasons why FPS games are so fun is because of how amazing the graphics are.

The FPS genre is one of the few that constantly tries to capture realistic visuals with each entry. Not only does having realistic graphics make the game more fun, but it also helps with immersion. It is Their simplicity and reliance on hand-eye coordination is one of their most appealing factors and, with most shooters today having a multiplayer component, they have a knack for longevity Destiny 2: How To Change Name.

Looking for More Action? This year is an exciting one for gamers who are fund of first and third person shooter games. From space to World War 2 the shooter games coming out this year will take players on a journey not just through war but through time as well. Grab your guns, lasers, or



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Main Publisher 2K. Unless you decide to play it on hard mode, then good luck. This is mostly done so that the game remains existing for the players. The player assumes the role of John Mullins, a soldier working a U. Developer Techland. The aforementioned is the result you get when mixing Crysis and Half-Life.


Top 10 Free Games for Low End PC[]


Shooter games are one of the fundamental genres of the gaming industry. Popular titles like the Halo and Call Of Duty franchise are one of the founding pillars that led to its massive success. Unfortunately, the aforementioned titles and many more of the sort have gamers shell out a fair amount of money.

These games are already well known free to play shooters. The list will also focus on games capable of running on low-end PCs or even laptops.

PUBG Corp. The game is in beta stages with polishing still required but in all intents and purposes is a true PUBG experience. It features watered-down textures and effects to have a broader audience similar to its Mobile version. Its key elements include:. The game is slowly gaining traction in India and has a positive impact on the Indian gaming community and culture. It can be played from both first-person and third-person perspective.

Similar to its previous iterations it will also feature every map that has been released so far. Fps games for low end pc free year had seen the massive success of two genres, Battle Royale and Hero Shooter. Paladins from HiRez studio is a free to play first-person hero shooter with an emphasis on a team focused gameplay like Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch.

The game is based in a fantasy world of magic and dragons. It is one of the top 20 most played games on Steam and has a healthy player base. Every character in the game is unique and has dedicated roles to perform in every game. If people wonder what makes it different from Overwatch that features arguably similar characters and game modes:.

It is one of the more popular games on Steam and has game modes fps games for low end pc free as Team Deathmatch, Onslaught Secure area and Siege, where a team captures the objective and pushes it. However, Unlike the more popular Overwatch, Paladins does not have the same great graphical fidelity or mirror polish that accompanies a Blizzard Fps games for low end pc free title.

It is constantly updated with new characters, skins and limited-time game modes making it a must-try title. Does space sound enticing? Do Ninjas? Now, how about space fighting Ninjas. Warframe is a title that heavily marketed its space ninjas before its launch. It is a game based on the distant future where humanity has conquered the solar system and the biggest threats they now face are themselves with various ongoing faction and allegiance fighting over dominance.

The game involves a fps games for low end pc free and slash fps games for low end pc free gameplay mixed with fluidic gunslinging action from a third-person perspective. The game currently holds one of the top 5 players based on Steam.

Key gameplay elements include:. The game is developed by Digital Extreme game studio офф-топик, windows 10 5.1 sound driver free download будет is well renowned for its healthy relations with its gaming community.

It is constantly updated and new features and cosmetics are always added. Realm Royale is a battle royale game with a software download for windows 64 bit twist in the formula. It is another game developed by HiRez Studios and adds its unique hero shooter formula to a larger map game mode. In the game players drop in after preselecting their class which allows them to have special abilities or buffs in certain areas. This also includes the weapon choices that can be crafted in-game rather than constantly having to loot.

The game, unlike most other battle royale titles, promotes engaging in fights rather than avoiding them to be the last man standing. Its key elements are:. The game had initially taken off when it was first launched back in and had a numerous big streamers and people playing the game. Splitgate: Arena Warfare is a multiplayer first-person shooter fps games for low end pc free uses player-controlled portals to open a new gameplay mechanic in a first-person multiplayer shooter game.

Ever had a pesky camper spawn camp? No problem shoot a portal behind him then gun him down via portals. The game places heavy emphasis on the old arena shooter like Unreal Tournament or Quake. Its unique elements are:. The game was launched to a welcoming audience and has a healthy playerbase. It is capable нажмите для продолжения running in various low-end PCs as well with a little tinkering.

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