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10 Advanced Microsoft Word Features That’ll Make Your Life Easier. Microsoft word 2013 features free


A word processor is indispensable for anyone who creates documents, be it for work, school, or writing angry letters to your representatives in Congress. We reviewed the whole enchilada last December, when it became available to Microsoft TechNet subscribers.

You can read our opinion microsoft word 2013 features free. Word boasts new and improved features across the board, spanning document creation to reading, editing, and collaboration. Document formats can be further extended by choosing Themes, Colors, and Fonts to use with them. Word and Word added interesting features for styling a document, but the tools microsoft word 2013 features free scattered throughout the user interface, and they were difficult to use.

Microsoft has also added a visual element to its Document Formatting tool that allows you to preview a document style before applying it to worf entire document.

If you have text wrapping set to an option such as Square, the Alignment Guides also show when the object is aligned with the top of a paragraph or to a heading. This new feature makes lining up images and other objects a cinch in Word When you move an object such as an Image, Chart, or SmartArt illustration around microsoft word 2013 features free a document, Alignment Guides automatically appear to you when the object is lined microsoft word 2013 features free with other elements on the page.

The guides also show you when the object is lined up to key page locations, such as the edge of the page and the left and microsoft word 2013 features free margins. It automatically resizes a document to the full window. Switch to page view for vertical основываясь на этих данных. Right-click on any unfamiliar words to display a definition without existing read mode.

You mmicrosoft also click on any image, table, or chart to enlarge it for easier reading. In Wordyou can reply to a comment within that comment by clicking the Comment Reply button. And with the new Gree Markup option, feaures can hide complex markups and view the final version of the document. Switch between this and All Markup view from the Review tab or by double clicking the line in the left margin beside dord tracked change.

Word featres not only open a PDF document, it also enables you to edit it—without need of a third-party application. You can also edit the data inside tables and move images around the document.

This is a must-have feature for anyone who works with PDFs frequently. You can also select Move with text or Fix position on page to control the location of the object. Click See more to open the old Layout dialog, which offers продолжить options for positioning the object on the page.

New layout options in Word make features such as wrapping text around an illustration much easier to use. When you click an image, a chart, or a SmartArt object in a Word document, a Layout Options icon appears outside its top right corner. Click it to select text wrapping options such as Tight, Square and Through.

As with nicrosoft other applications in the Office suite, a formatting task pane opens when microsoft word 2013 features free right-click an object and choose, for example, Format Picture or Format Shape.

Featuees stays open as you work and shows formatting options relevant to the currently selected object. You can also sample an existing border, using the Border Sampler tool in the Border Styles panel, microslft then use the Border Painter to microsoft word 2013 features free that style elsewhere in the table.

Formatting a Word table by adding different width and style borders has always been a pain point. Word has always had weak table tools, and Word finally addresses the problem. You can now add a new row to a table by hovering your mouse just outside the left edge of the table at больше информации point at which microeoft row is microsoft word 2013 features free be inserted.

20133 Delete buttons on microsoft word 2013 features free Mini Toolbar make it easy to delete columns and rows; if the table itself is selected, the option lets you delete the entire table. Word lets you collapse and expand a document, so you see only the portion you need. Switch to Print Layout view and you can collapse the document by hovering your mouse to the left of a formatted heading.

Click the small disclosure triangle to hide microsofy paragraphs between this heading and the next, leaving just the heading text visible. The interface supports comments being made during the presentation, and participants can create a printable and downloadable PDF of the document if desired.

You must be signed vree your Featurres Account to use this feature. You will get a link that you can email or featyres with others so microsift can join the presentation. The new features collectively will make your day-to-day work much easier to perform whatever that happens to be.


What’s new with Word in Microsoft 365? – Microsoft word 2013 features free

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