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If you have a heart for urban ministry, DTS in Philadelphia is a great choice for you!

Our Discipleship Training School is a five-month missions training with a focus on ministering to the people of Philadelphia and cities around the world. This training was developed to equip you with tools of the faith to strengthen and support you in your journey with the Lord and enable you to confidently share your faith.

Our base is located on a 44 acre property within the Philadelphia city limits. This property is a haven within the city that allows us to grow closer to God and spend time with Him in His creation while also affording us the ability to travel a few minutes in any direction to find people we can minister to or fun places to hang out.

Statistics show that around the world, people are moving into the cities, while the churches are moving out of them. A research done by the Public Religion Research Institute in April 2022 shows that 66% of populations in Big Cities claim a Christian affiliation, 68% in Urban Suburbs, and 78% in Rural Middle America.

It is our desire to mobilize the body of Christ within urban settings to see the cities reached with the love of Christ and to be transformed by His power.

Lecture Phase

During the lecture phase, you will spend three months immersed in a community of people who love Jesus and strive to put Him first in everything; deepening your relationship with God through teachings, small groups, worship, devotions, fun times, and more. At the same time, you’ll put your faith into action through weekly evangelism times throughout Philadelphia. During lecture, you will also learn strategies for communicating with and to people from urban backgrounds.


The last two months of DTS will be your outreach. During outreach, you will take what you learned through the lecture phase to people on the streets in cities and cross-cultural settings. You will have the opportunity to minister to people from around the world and see and take part in God’s heart for the nations.


Dates TBA


Lecture: $3500

Outreach: $3500

(including outreach airfare)


Lecture: Philadelphia

Outreach: TBA

Why Philadelphia?

What about College?

Do you feel torn between wanting to get a degree and wanting to dive
into ministry? Why not do both?!

Discipleship Training School is the entry course into the University
of the Nations, an accredited Christian university. Once you complete
a DTS, you can pursue a degree in any number of areas.

If you decide you want to transfer to a different university, there is
a list of schools that accept U of N credits. You can also get credits
at other universities for completing a DTS. You may think taking five
months out for a DTS will take away from university time… but that
is NOT the case.

A DTS can spring you forward in your studies, ministry, and
relationship with God!

Check it out!