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Whirlpool page 42 : This works like the control water spell PH page It is 50 feet wide. Any thing within 25 feet i pulled ten feet toward it per roung.

I think you might want to let the PC save each round. Also, the drowning rules should probably kick in on the second round. The kuo toa have 6 of these parked at the docks in their village of Sloobludop. The Plan : The heroes are meant to meet Plooploopeen as they approach Sloobludop. He tells the heroes that his daughter has overthrown him as ruler.

She worships a new entity Demogorgon! Ploop has a plan – he wants the heroes to pretend to be prisoners that will be used for human sacrifices. The kuo toa have a duergar named Hemeth that they are getting ready to sacrifice.

That leads to the coolest encounter in the book so far.. The Ritual : This is such an awesome scene. I almost hate to spoil it. The heroes have no chance against him. They need to run. You can have Demogorgon make two tentacle attacks on a building. Holy crap. It was quite the undertaking to sort it out. Almost all of the quests ultimately involve finding him. His stats are on page The contents of his sack of stuff is on page The duergar are starting to notice the rise of demonic madness in the city.

There are many derro insane evil gnomes in Gracklstugh. They are mostly immune to the demonic madness, because they are already mad. Grackle-Lung page 54 : This is crazy. If they catch grackle-lung page 54 they will cough, spew black phlegm and gain a level of exhaustion. Once they hit level 6 exhaustion. Themberchaud the Wyrmsmith : The city has a red dragon that keeps the forges ablaze. The duergar are secretly getting ready to off him and replace him with a new dragon.

The city is split in half by a rift. Drow might be here looking for the heroes Signs of Pursuit, page There are also abandoned guardhouses page 64 that the PCs can squat in. The Keepers of the Flame are trying to get it back. The egg is being kept deep in Whorlstone Caverns page Everything is all jumbled and broken up in this chapter. They organized broken-up pieces of the quests by city district, without page numbers referring you to the other parts! Rampaging Giant page 59 kicks in, which leads to Audience with the Stonespeaker page The heroes are given a stonespeaker crystal page In Conscripted by the Stone Guard page 62 , they are asked to spy on a derro named Droki in the West Cleft district and bring him in for questioning.

They are also asked to look for signs of demonic corruption among the duergar citizens. Then they spot Droki page He gets away sad trombone noise. Remember, Droki is wearing boots of speed DMG page He can double his speed for up to 10 minutes.

Also see Chasing Droki page The dragon talks to the group in private in Agents of the Wyrmsmith page The dragon makes the heroes be his spies. Then, in A Task for the Keepers page 66 , he tells our heroes to find Droki. Searching will uncover Access to the Whorlstone Tunnels page I will talk about Whorlstone below, as it is a gigantic dungeon. Going through that dungeon and nabbing Droki will bring the group an interesting reward. They are brought to the Hold of the Deepking page 82 and have an Audience with the Deepking page His consort is actually a succubus, an agent of Graz’zt corrupting him.

How the heroes would find this out, I have no idea. She will help them if the heroes investigate how the derro are getting all this surface world coinage. I guess this leads to Entering Derro Territory page 64 where the heroes find the entrance to Whorlstone Tunnels page On page 81, the heroes meet a derro named Pliinki.

She has an ancient elven coin. Maybe I missed something, but she says something about it being a miracle.? Maybe the monolith in room 14 page 80 is responsible? Ylsa will then tell the group how to get to Blingdenstone, where there is a way to get to the surface. At the Docks, the heroes see a merchant being attacked in Assassins Interrupted page His name is Werz Saltbaron.

Werz asks the heroes to meet him at the Shattered Spire the following day in The Shattered Spire page Werz asks the group to deliver a sack of gemstones to Kazook Pickshine in Blingdenstone. While negotiating, a Bar Fight page 63 breaks out. With that done, the group can head to Blingdenstone. This place is gigantic. It has some unique traits: Whorlstone is suffused with faerzress, which means wild surges and if the group is here for more than 8 hours, madness checks.

Foul Water : Drinking water here is not good. DC 12 CON save or you are poisoned for at least one hour. Enlarge is on page of the PH. The character doubles in size as does their equipment – any item dropped returns to normal size , their weight is multiplied by 8. Reduce is on page of the PH. Finally Finding Droki : On page 68, we are told that the heroes are meant to spot Droki and then chase him through the dungeon he uses tunnels that only small creatures fit in.

It is up to you, the DM, as to when the heroes catch up with him. On the map, his route is traced in a red line. The Ghost : A ghost named Pelek page 70 wants the heroes to get his severed hand which is in area 13 and return it to Blingdenstone. Gnomes are immune. You laugh madly for d4 hours. You can make the save each round.

I probably missed something. This chapter is gigantic and very exhausting. If anyone knows what the deal is, please let me know. See page Chapter 5: Neverlight Grove I have to say that the previous chapter was a total fiasco.

Did they run out of time to edit it or something? The adventure expects that the heroes will either stumble on it, or that one of tree npcs will lead them there: Stool : It is his home and he innately senses the location. Sarith Kzerait : This drow has been secretly infected by Zuggtmoy from the start. Since Zuggtmoy is here in Neverlight Grove, he is drawn to this place. Rumpadump : This myconid is from Whorlstone in chapter 4 might have joined the party. Rump is worried that his home is infected.

You repeat the save every 24 hours. If you fail again, your body is slowly taken over with fungal growth. You die after 3 fails in a row, and are reborn as a spore servant.

Neverlight Grove is ruled by two myconids: Sovereign Phylo : He is secretly a thrall to Zuggtmoy, and is corrupting the colony. Sovereign Basidia : Basidia is suspicious of Phylo, and wants the heroes to check out a place called The Garden of Welcome.

He offers them a reward a chest full of treasure. Drow : Once in the garden, the group stumbles on some drow who had been hunting for them. The drow are buried up to their heads, rotting and fungus-y. They beg for death. Yestabrod, a myconid who is mutating into a larval creature, attacks the group along with some flunkies.

He becomes a spore servant and joins in on the attack against the heroes. Flee : If Yestabrod is killed, his servants go inert and his other flunkies flee.

Rehearsal : Then, nearby the heroes hear singing. If they spy on it, they have a vision of Zuggtmoy. DC 10 WIS save or gain a level of madness. Yggmorgus : The procession files into Yggmorgus, a massive mushroom. Chapter 6: Blingdenstone Lots of cool stuff here. The deep gnomes have rebuilt, but the city is still a mess. This is the point where you have a bunch of options as far as what to do with Topsy and Turvy. They are deep gnome wererats. They might join the Goldwhisker Clan page 99 , they might come clean to the group, or they might flee into the underdark.

Sections of the city have been taken over by monster factions, including wererats, ghosts, and The Pudding King who is an agent of Juiblex who controls slimes. The group has the opportunity to really change this whole town. Random Encounters : This city is dangerous. Roll once per day. These are really good! I love the xorn who follows the heroes around, expecting to be fed valuables.

All of the molds and slimes are on page of the DMG. Where To Stay? The group can stay at The Foaming Mug page Glyphic Shroomlight. Tappy Foamstrap. Warden Jadges. Sark Axebarrel. When your group finds some gems, throw some dollar bills in the air and tell your group to ‘Bling dem stones. Werz Saltbaron of Gracklstugh might have hired the heroes to bring him some gems. The Severed Hand Quest : If the group got the severed hand in Whorlstone, they can place it in the temple on page Can We Go Home Now?

The group will need to complete some tasks for the deep gnomes, most notably defeating The Pudding King. An Outline : Here is what happens once your group is in Blingdenstone: There are layers of defenses that the group will have to pass through just to get in to Blingdenstone Area 1, page This sort of foreshadows the menace of The Pudding King. If the group goes to the temple on page , they will meet Barrow Warden Jadger, who asks them to complete two quests: destroy a spectre named Vazuk area 2 page , and bring back the remains of Udhask area 8, page , who died somewhere in Rockblight.

A bunch of NPCs have quests for the group to complete in Rockblight see below. There are also further quests given in area 14 for Goldwhisker and The Pudding King on page When the group checks out The Pudding King, they see he has an army of oozes and slimes. If the group tries to attack alone, they are doomed. Once the group tells the deep gnomes about this army of oozes, there is a council meeting page The council decides to have their army distract the oozes so the group can try to kill The Pudding King.

Barrow Warden Jadger page : Wants the group to retrieve the remains of Udhar located at area 17 on page Gurnik Tapfinger page : Gives the group a spell gem to place in a menhir in Rockblight see area 22, page Also lurking here is Neheedra Duskryn, a drow who turned into a medusa.

The heroes team up with the deep gnome forces. I think those were put in just so that if your group skipped those locations, this is a way to get them there. This adventure thinks it is a sandbox, but really it is a railroad in serious denial. That sounds really fun. Like with most of these charts, I recommend you roll them in advance and have the monster stats on a cheat sheet. The heroes will probably be worn down from all the previous fights, but this guy only has 49 hit points.

While the heroes approach, he will have time to cast spells to give himself a boost. Blur : He has this as an innate ability usable once per day. Any creature has disadvantage to hit him.

This is a concentration spell. He keeps his original hit points. I guess he uses Gray Ooze MM page stats? Also, any non-magical weapon that hits him corrodes, too.

Their stats are on page of the DMG. DC 10 Dex save. It also does 11 damage to wood or metal, which is really nasty to your armored fighters. Treasure : You might want to add teleportation circle to the spells in the spellbook entitled Magick from Beyond the Mirror on page I strongly believe teleporting around the underdark is a good idea once the group hits level 9. After all of this buildup you just make your own tunnel.

I think it should be a secret tunnel near the city. I think the adventure wants you to have a final showdown with the drow on your way out, so you should place the exit outside of Blingdenstone.

This is discussed in the next chapter. The group has a final showdown or a final chase scene with the drow that have been pursuing them page They say goodbye to their NPC allies. They go out the tunnel and emerge into the surface world.. The adventure suggests that the group pops out in the Evermoors or the Lurkwood: The Evermoors: Trolls used to live here.

Frost giants moved in and chased the trolls out. There is a frontier trading town called Nesme. You can get a lot of info on Nesme from a free adventure download on Candlekeep called Northern Journey West. The Lurkwood: A dangerous place with bottomless bogs. The Lurkwood is teeming with orcs, barbarian tribes, ettins and giants. Three Month Vacation : The group will probably want some considerable rest time.

The adventure suggests three months page The heroes should also feel the need to warn people that demon lords are in the Forgotten Realms and may come up to the surface. They should also want to go to Gauntlgrym, either because of Eldeth or because they are summoned..

They meet with King Bruenor page and have a great feast. At the end, Bruenor asks the heroes to go to Gravenhollow to learn what exactly is going on with the demon lords. To get to Gravenhollow, the group will need to meet with a Zhentarim agent in Mantol-Derith. The Feast : Members of each faction are here detailed below. I guess you could put in some prominent NPCs from your campaign world, though be careful. Reward : Bruenor offers the group rewards, including property in Gauntlgrym and items made in the Great Forge.

The Factions : Bruenor wants the group to enlist the aid of as many factions as possible. The Zhentarim are needed, because their agent in Mantol-Derrith can get the group to Gravenhollow. He is accompanied by a shield guardian. She is stern and stubborn. She can give the heroes giant lizard mounts and 3 NPC dwarf scouts. He can give the group a whopping 8 NPCs.

Zhentarim Davra Jassur : She is evil and values order and ambition. She wants a full share of whatever treasure the heroes get as well as a full report. She can give the group 8 NPC thugs. Her name is Khalessa Draga.

She uses a hat of disguise to look like a drow. An Emerald Enclave scout named Sladis Vadir has gone missing. He has gone crazy. Seems like it would slow the game down in a major way. The journey through the Underdark to Mantol-Derith is miles!

Yes, you roll for random encounters the entire way. Check out the next chapter for details scroll down, I did 8 sample travel days. At the end of the long journey, the Zhentarim guides lead the group to a secret door that leads to 1a in Mantol-Derrith page Mantol-Derith is Guarded by Trapped Secret Doors : Trying to open one of these secret doors without the password will probably disintegrate you: 55 force damage, save for half.

He can help them get to Gravenhollow. He has a magic ring that can guide the wearer to the safest, shortest route to Gravenhollow. The gem is spreading demonic madness. Destroying the gem is a little tricky page Basically you need to smash it with a magic weapon. Mantol-Derith has 3 Rules : No stealing of goods from fellow merchants.

No disguising of goods by any means. No use of magic during negotiation and haggling. The punishment for violating a rule: You are wrapped in chains and tossed into the Darklake. Tons and Tons of Stats : This chapter is overloaded with stuff you have to look up.

You need to look up traps, you need to roll magic items from table b of the DMG. Definitely set aside some extra time to get this chapter ready. Complicated Situation : So basically, everyone has succumbed to demonic madness here. Mantol-Derrith has a population of people, split into factions who are all turning against each other. The duergar are trying to kill the deep gnomes.

The drow are planning to kill both of them. Chapter Descent Into the Depths This chapter deals with travel, like chapter 2. It discusses the horde of NPCs accompanying the heroes, a situation that seems to me like it will grind the game to a halt. But first.. Teleportation Circles : Your group should be level 9 by now, which means wizards have access to the teleportation circle spell.

I highly recommend using this to cut down on the travel time, which in my opinion gets way out of control in this adventure. Do remember, though, that teleportation to and from Menzoberranzan is impossible as it is magically blocked by the drow due to the demonic incursion. Also be sure to read up on how the faerzress affects teleportation on page 21, but remember that you have a lot of control over what areas are in the faerzress.

Navigation is Easier : Advantage on Wisdom survival checks to avoid getting lost. Random Events : Every second day of travel or camping, roll on the random events table page Again, I suggest you roll these in advance so you can have stats ready. Some of these charts have tables within tables. Plus, I love rolling on charts. That means that the journey to Mantol-Derith will take 34 days. The NPC names are listed back in the faction entries in chapter 8. Day 2 : Discipline Problem: Loud Argument does not attract monsters : Nero Kalvane Zhentarim claims that the giant lizard mount of Griswalla Emerald Enclave ate a portion of his provisions.

He demands to get to ride the lizard as compensation. He ate a bunch of his own food and now is trying to weasel his way into riding a mount rather than walking like a sucker. Day 4 : Juiblex! I swear I rolled this legit. This demon lord is on page Best case is that everyone runs, and any NPCs that survived now have madness to deal with. Business bilingual secretary available to all types of businesses – Special business package November 16, Whatever your need in getting your projet done, or documents, we are experienced enough to provide you with the business communication level suitable to your need.

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Frequently asked questions FAQs. Login to your account below. From the beginning of the design of the structures to the читать больше of the manufacturing and assembly drawings, so that we begin to become familiar with the software.


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